Margaret Bayer (Right)

Margaret Bayer (Right)

Honors, achievements, and special recognition:

  • Member of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Advisory Board since 1991

How I became interested in my area of research:

Mathematics was always my favorite subject in school, and my whole family enjoyed mathematics. I was attracted to the logical coherence and elegance of the subject. When I first heard of the research my dissertation supervisor was doing, I was so excited by the way it combined geometry and algebra.

An honor, achievement or accomplishment that is most meaningful to me and why:

My work as book review editor for the Association for Women in Mathematics Newsletter is important to me. It combines my interest in issues of women in mathematics with my love of writing. But what makes me most proud of my contribution in this role is my success at getting many other people involved in writing reviews.

Someone who has been a role model for me and why:

My mother-in-law, Libby Byers, is an incredible woman. After raising five children, she got a PhD. Now, at the age of 90, she is active as a senior peer counselor, gardener, actor and friend.

Someone who has been influential or had a significant impact on my life:

My two daughters, Ruth and Nora, have had a great impact on me. They are so accomplished, so well-rounded, so clear-headed. They find enjoyment in wonderful ways, and focus on the things that matter.

My favorite KU memory:

Springtime when the redbuds and forsythia are in bloom.

An important life lesson I have learned:

Don’t be too sensitive to what I might perceive other people are thinking about me. When someone frowns at or is short with me, most likely, they are worrying about something else and it is not intentionally directed at me.

If I had a sister just entering college, I would want her to know…

She has to take the initiative in her studies and in her extra-curricular activities. She should talk to her professors and get involved in research or learning outside the classroom.