Haley Miller (Middle Left)

Haley Miller (Middle Left)

Honors, achievements, and special recognition:

  • Jr./Sr. CLAS Student Senator, 2011-2013
  • University Senate Student Representative, 2012-2013
  • Commission on the Status of Women Vice President (2011) and Reproductive Justice Coordinator (2010-2011)

How I became interested in my field of study:

My interest in all three areas came from a variety of experiences at KU. I became interested in Women’s Studies through my involvement with the Commission on the Status of Women and encouragement from friends. After studying abroad on the British Summer Institute the summer after my freshman year, I was motivated to become an English major. My interest in Judaic Studies came from studying Hebrew for three years and learning about Jewish and Israeli culture.

An honor, achievement or accomplishment that is most meaningful to me and why:

Organizing and creating the This Is What a Feminist Looks Like campaign was one of the most enriching endeavors I have had the honor to oversee. It challenged what it means to be a feminist by showing a variety of students, faculty, and staff who identify as feminists. The process of creating the campaign was also very rewarding, because it relied heavily on teamwork and dedication from others.

Someone who has been a role model for me and why:

Someone who has been a role model for me is my friend and mentor Elise Higgins. Elise inspired me to become more involved with reproductive rights and to take on leadership roles. She is someone who I can go to if I am in need of advice or just want to chat.

Someone who has been influential or had a significant impact on my life:

My parents have been two of the most influential people in my life. They’ve supported me in everything that I do, but most importantly they challenge me to be the best that I can be.

My favorite KU memory:

My favorite KU memory would be walking around the campus at night with friends. The campus is gorgeous at night!

An important life lesson I have learned:

An important lesson I’ve learned is to never assume that you know who a person is, because assumptions made about you are rarely exact.

If I had a sister just entering college, I would want her to know…

Go to class, do your homework, and get involved. Never forget that the number one reason you are here is to get an education, but also remember that an education is more than what you learn in a classroom.

A favorite quote or saying that is meaningful to me and why:

...people will sometimes say, “Why don't you write more politics?” And I have to explain to them that writing the lives of women is politics.
– Grace Paley, American-Jewish writer and political activist.

I have found that after spending my summers in Rocky Mountain National Park, I realize that the natural elements are sometimes the best way to learn about yourself, and how to effectively grow as a person. The mountains can push you to your limits, and you then can learn your real strengths and weaknesses.