Kait Perry (Far Left)

Kait Perry (Far Left)

Honors, achievements, and special recognition:

  • Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Leadership Chair 2012
  • Senior Senator, Student Senate 2012
  • Cheley Colorado Camps Counselor, 2011-2012
  • Dean’s List, Spring 2011
  • Kansas Horse Council Horsemanship Scholarship 2009

How I became interested in my field of study:

I have always been fascinated with the brain, but the first time I decided I wanted to pursue an education in neurobiology was my Sophomore year of high school. A student at my school, named Joe White, was in a serious car accident and suffered a nearly fatal traumatic brain injury. Joe was in a coma for a little over three months, and once he ‘woke up,’ he had to re-learn everything. My junior year I became Joe’s attendant; I helped him take notes, drove him to and from school, and Joe became my best friend. I was fascinated with the way that Joe learned, and how everything was new to him. Joe could remember certain things from before the accident, but not everything. Joe also inspired my love to work with people, especially adolescents. Joe is the strongest, most inspirational person I know.

An honor, achievement or accomplishment that is most meaningful to me and why:

This spring, 2012, I received the Chancellor Robert E. Hemenway Award for Public and Civic Service. Through my work with The Big Event, I realized how important it is as students to serve the Lawrence Community. I feel so honored to have received the Hemenway award for my work with The Big Event. I am so excited to see The Big Event to grow into an amazing organization over the next few years, and I feel fortunate to be recognized for my hard work in public service.

Someone who has been a role model for me and why:

My sister has always been a great role model for me. She is my half- sister, and 11 years older than me. She has achieved so much and works hard for everything she has. Jennifer always has the best advice, and says exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. I am very blessed to have a great sister and to have a great relationship with her.

Someone who has been influential or had a significant impact on my life:

Both my Mom and Dad have had huge impacts on my life. My parents have always provided me with to grow as a person, including letting me fail to learn from my mistakes. They have always helped me succeed in any way possible, and I hope someday I can be as altruistic as my parents are now.

My favorite KU memory:

I have too many great KU memories, but I really loved storming Mass after the Final Four win this spring. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

An important life lesson I have learned:

Life goes on, because everything happens for a reason. Usually when something goes wrong, it probably won’t matter in two weeks. I’ve found it’s important to keep in mind that everything is relative.

If I had a sister just entering college, I would want her to know…

I’d want her to know to get involved! I have made some of the best relationships inside of Greek Life and in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, and I wish I would have gotten involved earlier in my collegiate career.

A favorite quote or saying that is meaningful to me and why:

Great things happen when Youth and The Mountains meet.
– Frank Cheley

I have found that after spending my summers in Rocky Mountain National Park, I realize that the natural elements are sometimes the best way to learn about yourself, and how to effectively grow as a person. The mountains can push you to your limits, and you then can learn your real strengths and weaknesses.