Fatoumata Bayo (Middle)

Fatoumata Bayo (Middle)

Honors, achievements, and special recognition:

  • KU Black Student Union Member of the Year award

How I became interested in my area of study:

I became interested in my area of study because my grandmother was a doctor. We had a clinic in our house and I used to help her with it. I enjoyed what I was doing and over time it being in the medical field became a passion of mine. In high school, I took a pharmacy technician course that helped to narrow down where I wanted to focus. Ever since then I have been on a journey to become a pharmacist.

An honor, achievement or accomplishment that is most meaningful to me and why:

Apart from the honor of being on this calendar, the most meaningful honor I have received was getting the Nelson Award from the Big XII Council on Student Government. I wrote an essay about my grandmother (God rest her soul) and how she helped to shape me into the woman I am today. It meant a lot to me that they understood the story and got a glimpse (through my story) of what an exceptional woman my grandmother was.

Someone who has been a role model for me and why:

My mother has been the biggest role model to me. She is a strong, independent and smart woman who wants nothing but the best for my brother and me. I have seen her struggle as a single mother to make sure that my brother and I are successful and get the opportunities she never had the privilege of having. She supports me in every way possible and teaches me life lessons that no classroom or book can. She sets a great example for us by making sure to emphasize the importance of education. She is working on her second master’s degree, while working full time, taking care of our whole family, doing weekly community service and still catering to us fully by being the best mother any daughter could ever ask for. She is not only my role model, but my hero.

My favorite KU memory:

My favorite KU memory was going to Friday night live and block party events during the first week of school. It was the first time I got to embrace KU life. I got to see many of the student organizations showcase their group and a brief description as to what their organization has to offer. I also enjoyed going to my first KU basketball game and being a part of the great tradition.

When times get tough, something that helps me get through it:

Praying, family and friends help me get through my tough times. Prayer helps me to clear my mind and know that God has great things planned for me. My family and friends always help me through anything. They have my best interest at heart and are always by my side through the good and the bad.

An important life lesson I have learned:

An important life lesson I have learned is that even though life is the longest thing we experience, it is also very short. With that in mind, I always intend to live my life to the fullest. I have learned to not dwell on the past, but instead use it as a guide for the future.

If I had a sister just entering college, I would want her to know…

I would want her to know that, not everything is going to go exactly as she wants it, but as long as she understands that, and not let the bumps in the road hold her back, she can accomplish many things in her life. I would want her to know to experience college to the fullest. Make education a priority, be involved, make connections and build lasting friendships.

A favorite quote or saying and why it is meaningful to me:

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”
– Henry David Thoreau

This is one of my favorite quotes, because it speaks so loudly to me. I have learned to let the past just be the past. There is no reason to keep digging in the past, when the future has so much to offer. I learn from my past but I don’t let it hold me back. The past is the past for a reason, and this quote sums that up in every possible way.