Vicky Reyes (Left)

Vicky Reyes (Left)

How I became interested in my area of study/research/discipline:

I loved the developmental aspect of mentoring others through my experiences in my HALO Executive Board position, sorority, Hawklink and as an RA.

An honor, achievement or accomplishment that is most meaningful to me and why:

Being chosen as a Woman of Distinction because being a first generation college student has been a pretty tough roller coaster.

Someone who has been a role model for me:

Tracey Martin, she gives so much to everything she is ever involved in and never expects anything in return.

Most favorite KU memory:

Attending the LeaderShape conference.

When times get tough, something that helps me get through it is:

Calling my grandfather. He always knows exactly what advice to give.

An important life lesson I have learned:

To not stress about the little things because not everything has to go my way.

If I had a sister just entering college, I would want her to know….

That it is okay to ask for help and it is not a sign of weakness.

A favorite quote or saying and why it is meaningful to me:

“If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality”
– Norman Cousins

This quote represents what I want to be for others, a stepping stone or an inspiration because so many have brought life to my dreams and helped me see that things are possible.